May 28, 2010

High school and beyond…

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I guess I should say, “B” isn’t even in high school yet. He will just be in 8th grade in the fall.

Some of you may know how scared I was about teaching 7th grade. I don’t remember it being hard as a student(not the academic part, the social part was a whole ‘nother story), but as a mom preparing to teach it. I was petrified. It really wasn’t as hard as I thought. But now I’m facing 8th grade. *shudder* And I realize how close high school is. This is uncharted territory for me.

Everyone seems to have an opinion of the BEST way to go. At least in their experience. I’ve read and read and read. I think I’m just more confused now than I was in the beginning. The opinions on this part of homeschooling are as diverse as the methods and curriculum for homeschooling. I’m as overwhelmed about this as if I were offered a shopping spree of ALL the different types of curricula. I wouldn’t know where to begin. And I don’t know where to begin with this either. Which is why I am starting to research this NOW.

Procrastinating on the laundry. No big deal. At least not until someone starts asking about clean undies. Procrastinating on this. Big no-no.

And so I’m diving in. So this is just my little brain dump of all that I have read and heard so far. If you would rather not be confused. Stop here. Well, maybe you should have stopped earlier. 😀

So we begin with the fundamental high school transcript. Transcripts…accredited and unaccredited. So, apparently, you should know the college your child would like to apply to because some colleges prefer an accredited transcript, while some others are mainly looking at the ACT and SAT scores. Some types of curriculum will offer an accredited transcript. This WILL cost you more money. I’ve researched one of these types. I don’t know if all are similar in the way they are set up or not. At the end of each month, you send in that months work to be graded. By someone else. I guess the theory is, they aren’t inclined to be biased if it is someone other than the parents grading. As well as, they employ certified teachers to do the grading. Unaccredited? You do it yourself. You figure out the states guidelines on the subjects they need to take, how much each course is worth, and does that course meet the standards set forth by the state for that grade and subject. You do the grading and you keep the records. Some parents suggest keeping a portfolio of the students work for each grade. You make your own transcript. Another option, at least in our state. The Education Alliance will provide your student with a transcript. You call them, give them the grades and they print out the transcript. For a small donation. The parent I talked to said she gave them $10. There is also a form online.

Community college classes or not. Some homeschool students are taking their English, math, history…classes in college for dual credit. So, English Comp I qualifies as English for whatever grade they are in that year and they have one college class down. But if he takes classes at the community college will that remove his freshman status? Because apparently you get the most scholarship opportunities when you are a freshman. And some schools will no longer consider you a freshman after so many hours and some will. So you’ll need to know which schools you would like to apply to, so you can check with them and find out their policy. Then of course there is the money aspect of this part. In some states, (I’m not sure about ours) if you are in public school, you can often attend a local community college for free. Well, I guess it’s not free, but there is an agreement of some kind between the school. (I warned you I had no idea.) But if you are a homeschool student, this does not always apply. So if you do not qualify for some kind of financial aid, then that money will be out of pocket.

This is as far as I have gotten in my quest.

Ok. I admit it. I looked at one college. One close to home. 😀