June 24, 2010

Forever moments

Posted in kids, thoughts of mine at 7:43 am by ammiejo

Tonight I was sitting on the couch watching the Princess at the computer desk. She had a piece of paper and pencil and she was watching Sid the Science Kid on Netflix. (I’m not being paid by Netflix or Sid the Science Kid for what it’s worth, but I LOVE the streaming movies on the computer and now through the Wii! It is so awesome and if you haven’t you really should try it. okay…advertisement over) She was drawing away and looking up every now and then at the show. It struck me first how long her hair was, it touches her waste now. How she is holding the pencil like a big girl and how her shoulders and back are more little girl, than baby. And then my eyes kept going and I noticed how long her legs were and that her little feet were almost touching the floor. (she was sitting at the very edge of the chair, leaning forward.) And for some reason, the thought of her tiny newborn body laying in my arms came to my mind. There she was, fresh and new all over again. Sweet newborn scent and all. And then, here she is, telling me she’ll be “this many” and holding up all five fingers, on her birthday. I’m not sure where the past 4 and 1/2 years have gone, it’s certainly snuck by me.

I’m just in awe of who she is now and wonder who she will be. I try to imagine the person she’ll become. Will she always be this bossy? I hope she’s always this determined, but that she lets the Lord direct her ways. Will she always be so quick to smile and kiss my face? I pray that she’ll always have laughter in her eyes. Will she always drive her brothers crazy or will she one day ask for their advice about the boy she has a crush on? I hope she’ll always know how perfectly God created her.

I’m trying to seize these moments. The things she says, the way she looks, smells, and tilts her head. Her laugh and the things that make her giggle. I don’t want her to stay this age forever, but I want to remember these moments forever. So I’m remembering…and I’m feeling a little sappy. Overwhelmed by my blessings, thankful beyond all measure for them.

Collecting forever moments.



  1. *sniff*

    i know we don’t want them to stay this age forever, but would a little longer be so bad?

  2. Yasher said,

    Forever moments… yes. I sure know EXACTLY what you’re saying here and I am with you! How DID 4.5 years fly by so fast? They WERE just babies yesterday, weren’t they?

  3. Fred Smith said,

    I don’t have kids of my own, but I do spend a lot of time babysitting a friend’s little girl. Their job keeps them really busy. There are some trying times for sure as you can imagine with a young kid, but I can certainly understand where you are coming from.

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