May 24, 2010

So embarassing…

Posted in embarassing, life at 12:45 pm by ammiejo

The weekend before last was the Homeschool Convention for our part of the state. Our convention welcomes kids, but we don’t usually take ours. We have taken them for one day and let them attend the art classes they offer. But, it’s two long days and we enjoy the alone time together. So, my husband took the kids to Honey’s house. (Honey is what Amiah calls my grandma.) And we were off folks! Two whole days just me and my hubby. We really look forward to this weekend. We spend all day both days, talking, and just being together. It’s really, really nice. We usually have to hurry back Friday evening to catch one of the boys ballgames, but that’s nice too. We don’t like to miss their games.

The convention is held every year at Harding in Searcy, AR. It started off wonderfully. I volunteer every year and this year I volunteered to help set up the used book sale. (If you volunteer, our convention lets you shop early with the other volunteers at the used book sale. I get at least half of the books I need at the used sale. And then there are the extra books, games, and some fun learning manipulatives!) And I learned that if you help set up, you have a really good idea of the books and other things that are brought in.

We get to the convention, I go in and get our name tags and check in. Our next stop is the building where they let us have our used book sale. It’s in a gym and there is lots of room for lots of books. ๐Ÿ˜€ Toward the end of my volunteer shift, I took a bathroom break and discovered that I had a surprise visitor. Lovely, much unplanned for, and I needed clean clothes. There’s a reason for my sharing this, I promise.

My dear husband took me to the nearest WalMart and I ran in to get the things I needed. Why I didn’t just change in WalMart, I don’t know. I just had it in my mind to run in at the McDonalds and change there. I really should have just changed at WalMart. We drove over to the McDonalds parking lot and I went in. I walked in and walked into the bathroom and went into the stall. Only one stall? Weird, especially for a McDonalds, I thought. I kept hearing people come in and use the restroom, flush, wash their hands (sometimes, eww) and then leave. Weird, I hadn’t seen another stall. I felt guilty for taking so long in the stall, so I was glad there was another one. I finished changing and went out to wash my hands. I was washing my hands and looked around, only to see a urinal on the wall…OH MY GOODNESS! I didn’t even finish washing or stop to dry my hands. I left! I was mortified!!! OH DEAR! I just prayed that no one had seen me enter OR leave the restroom! The Men’s restroom!

My dear, sweet, loving husband, you know, the one I really enjoy spending this weekend with? Well, nerve of all nerves…he laughed at me! Really, laughed out loud. At ME! It’s just a good thing I like him.

Someone please tell me there are no cameras in the McDonald’s pointing at the bathrooms. *sigh*



  1. Yasher said,

    Oh my goodness! I’m laughing… WITH you! Right, because you’re laughing NOW, right? LOL

    • ammiejo said,

      Yes, I’m laughing now. I even laughed then, but I was still mortified! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Theresa Messner said,

    I am laughing with you too! I would have been absolutely mortified. Good thing there wasn’t anyone in there waiting to use the stall.

    • ammiejo said,

      Oh my goodness! I hadn’t thought about someone waiting to use the stall…imagine the surprise that would have caused!

  3. OH, MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!

    I am laughing out loud like a maniac! I really needed this today!!!

    love ya!

    • ammiejo said,

      Glad I could make you laugh when you needed it!

      Love you too!

  4. teachinmom said,

    That is too funny!!! I hate when that stuff happens, glad you can luagh about it now!


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