January 23, 2010

Juggling is probably easier

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It’s a juggling act. Seriously. Doing school, housework, playing, making meals, (working, for those that do) and the hundred other things that Mommies need (are expected) to do. I think learning to juggle is probably easier. So I expect to drop the ball occasionally (it’s okay, balls bounce). Sometimes we have frozen pizza or cereal for dinner. And I’m okay with that. The laundry piles up, that’s okay it will still be there on Saturday. Housework? A little dust, some crumbs under the feet in the kitchen, or a carpet that needs vacuuming all will wait. Even school stuff. So what if we don’t do every problem on our math sheet. Do we really need to take a quiz on every single section in Science or History? I don’t think so.

I don’t grade every single assignment that the kids do. For instance History. They are supposed to read the assignment and then answer the questions in their history notebook. I do not check this every day. Shame on me. Because if I did check it every day I would have known that “B” wasn’t even bothering to do his assignment. And then after looking, I found out he wasn’t doing another regular assignment. Thing is he pulled this earlier this year and I thought he wouldn’t do (or not do) this again.

I assigned the kids a journal entry on Thursday. It was a fun short story entry. I wanted them to start it on Thursday and continue working on it Friday. They really enjoyed this and each one brought their story to me to read. When “B” brought his story to me, I realized he had not written it in his Journal notebook. When I asked he told me he couldn’t find it. So I asked him where he had been doing his journal entries this month. He admitted he hadn’t been doing those either. *Oy vey* This child!

I don’t grade their journal. I do assign writing that I grade, but I want them to just create in their journal. Spelling and proper grammar is not my goal for journal writing. So admittedly I haven’t checked his journal since the beginning of last month. Or his history.

I was very calm. I didn’t feel very calm. I was frustrated at myself, because I guess I should still be treating him like he is in 2nd grade. Looking over every. single. assignment. he does. And now I will. Because I dropped the ball. I let it bounce all over the stinking place. I asked him if he knew he hadn’t completed the assignments. He told me he knew. I pointed out that every day when he checked off those assignments and put his assignment book away, that he deceived me. That he lied to me.

His punishment? He’s grounded. He has no computer or game privileges. He can not go to his buddies house or have friends over. Until he completes all of the missing assignments, if he gets the assignments done quickly, it will still be at least 1 week. I’m trying to decide if 2 weeks is more appropriate. I doubt he completes all of the assignments in 1 week. I told him he would have his punishment tonight. I needed to talk to his Dad first.

I am going to change some of the journal entries he didn’t do and have him explain why Obedience and Honesty is important. Why there are Consequences for every one of our actions…

I’m curious how you would have handled this. Any creative, learn his lesson type of punishments?


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