January 23, 2010

Customer Service 101

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:35 pm by ammiejo

I started this post way before Christmas. Since starting my diet, I have avoided all encounters with my friendly Sonic. *sigh* I know I could have a Diet Coke with my much beloved cherry vanilla. But, alas, I’m trying to avoid as much caffeine as possible. I even gave up my morning caffeinated coffee for decaf for two whole weeks. My children are glad I’ve decided to have a couple of cups in the morning again. 😀

Sonic is one of my favorite places to stop in and grab a drink or an ice cream cone. I used to love their chicken sandwiches, until they started messing with the bun.  And who can resist “happy hour” there? Half priced cherry vanilla coke and I’m a happy girl! I thought when they put a Sonic just 2 minutes from my house I would be in serious trouble. I think the family fortune is safe, for now, but I still sneak away and grab delicious goodness when I can.

Friday, I needed to run errands in town. I know, that’s just crazy. Friday errands? Dumb. Dumb. But I had put them off all week, and so I had no choice. Well, I did have the choice of late fees. But anyway, we headed out, did about half our errands. And the cries began. “Mom, I’m thirsty.” 🙂 “Hello, thirsty, I’m Mom. Nice to meet you.” They hate that, probably like I did when I was a kid. It was almost Happy Hour so I distracted them with a visit to see Daddy. They love stopping by to see Daddy.

Afterward, we went to our favorite Sonic. There are now 3 in our town. It seems crazy to me, but they are all usually pretty busy. This is the oldest one and in our opinion the fastest and the best. After figuring out what everyone would be having I proceeded to order.

I don’t expect much when I eat fast food. After all it is fast food. But being corrected like a 3 year old isn’t one of them. The customer is always right…or they were when I worked fast food.

I’m shocked and a little taken back when the young lady corrects me on the proper way to order a hamburger. My mouth dropped open, and my eyes about popped out of my head.  Bless her heart,   (that’s what all of us Southern girls say, just before the but…)  but, I really wanted to reach through that speaker and hug her real close. While I explain… I order the way I do, because I’ve learned if I don’t, you people mess it up. I’ve been here enough to know that while You, my friendly little order taker, may know that a hamburger with ketchup only, means ketchup, meat, and bun, doesn’t mean the guy in back knows that. BUT I didn’t. I took my happy Sonic order and went on my way. I’m still a little miffed at that girl.


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