December 18, 2009

More Randomness

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Vacation! Vacation! Christmas Vacation! I am so excited! Although the kids say they are so much more excited than I am!  Their friends are out of school and visits are being scheduled, plans are being made. Grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles, family time. It is my favorite thing about this time of year. Just being with the ones we love. Christmas party after Christmas party! Sitting and talking! Playing games! Making memories!

Stacy finished his semester with all A’s again. I’m so proud. He worked so hard this semester. And next semester will be more of the same. But until then we are going to enjoy having him all to ourselves. And I have my honey to do list all ready. Unfortunately, the pine wood derby car is taking a front seat and my list a back seat. There’s only one car to make this year, which is a little bitter sweet. But we still have several years of making Brason’s cars. He picked out a truck this year. We’ll see what they come up with.

I cut Amiah’s bangs today. Every time I think, I’ll just let them grow out, and then they get longer and they stay in her eyes. She refuses to keep barrettes or pony tails in. (which shouldn’t surprise you, she doesn’t like clothes either!) So they’re cut. Maybe we’ll let them grow out when she is a little older. The back is long and a mess if we just leave it down. But I love it too much to cut it. If you ask her if she wants it cut, she tells us No! And I don’t want to cut it because I have horrible memories about a 2nd grade mullet hair cut. I cried for weeks after my mom cut my hair. So I’m trying to avoid that. But maybe the bangs are almost as bad?

I am really looking forward to our Christmas services. Sunday morning the adult choir is singing and the service will be wonderful! Sunday night is the kids service. Drama, puppets, kids choir, little kids music and more! And then there is the Christmas Eve service! It is one of my favorite services of the year. It’s a candlelight service. We sing, and someone reads the story of Christs birth and we sing some more. And visit. It’s simple and beautiful. This year we’re having it in our new Life Center.

And so for tonight, that is it. I swear when I lay down at night I have all this witty stuff running through my head. It apparently doesn’t last until morning.  Or maybe it isn’t as witty as I think! I do have some ideas about where I want to head with my blog eventually. But I’m still working on those.

Merry Christmas all!

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11


December 16, 2009

Random thoughts

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The best of my intentions doesn’t get me very far. Waiting for inspiration or motivation, hasn’t been any help either. I suppose I just need to get to it. Seriously. With Amiah’s birthday before Christmas, it’s been hard to get into Christmas planning mode and mood. I was so focused on her birthday and planning it that I lost sight of what I intended to do during the month of December for Christmas. And now with only 9 days left until Christmas, 8 of those shopping days, time is short. The biggest part of my buying is finished. I just have a few other things to pick up. But I’m stuck as to what I should get. These are those people I find it hardest to buy for!

We are starting our Christmas break Friday. No school. Thursday afternoon will be the last bit of school we will do until after the New Year. I’m relieved. I need a break as much as the kids do.

I have lots of other things that I want to do though. Sewing, baking, candy making, visiting, singing, playing, and more! I can’t wait! I get excited when I think of how much fun the kids have when we bake and make candy. I am excited about paying visits to friends and delivering our goodies. Listening to Christmas music and singing along. And….not fussing at anyone to “focus on your school work!” It sounds like heaven. 🙂 Although, keeping them kind of busy is important. Too much, nothing to do time, and they start to pick fights and fuss with each other.

We took Amiah to her Christmas party. They had a letter for the kids to fill out to Santa. Amiah asked for a hula hoop, and Woody and Bullseye. (She still loves that movie! As many princess movies as she owns and loves, it always comes back to the Toy Story movies!) Amiah gave her letter to Santa, told him what she wanted, smiled for the picture, and then took her present from Mrs. Mary. We went to the next room, out of Santa’s and his helpers way. She ripped the paper off of that thing so fast, and then the tears started. “I I-I-I w-w-wanted B-B-Bulls-Eye and W-W-Woody. It’s my faaavorite tooooy!” It took Stacy and I 15 minutes to convince her she would get other presents, that Christmas isn’t over. It’s a good thing we already knew that’s what she wanted or we would be in BIG trouble!

Tonight is the night that we are having a Christmas party for the kids in our Wednesday night class. We’re doing pizza, cupcakes, a couple of games and a goody bag. It should be fun! I’m still trying to think of one more game. Something simple, but fun for the kids.

I know there was more I wanted to write. I’ve sat down here and got back up again, no less than 7 times. No wonder I can’t remember. And now it’s time to head to town for errands! Have a good evening all!