November 18, 2009

Books for boys

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We are so blessed that our boys like to read. Well, for the most part. Brennen will read anything he can get his hands on. He used to carry Kingfisher encyclopedias around, just to read. Benjamin likes to read if it’s about a subject he likes. Brason is a reader when I can get him to sit still long enough and he’ll read anything. So I thought I would let you know about the kinds of books that the boys love. I’m hoping  you’ll share some of the books your kids love, with me.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney….Are the adventures, okay misadventures of Gregory Heffley. My boys claim it is hilarious. They have read each of the books we have several times over. The Wimpy Kid series is set up in a diary type format with lots of comic-ish book type pictures. Okay, I admit I read them and snickered at the boyish-middle school type humor. I even laughed out loud in some parts. They are not great literary works, but they are fun books. The boys are begging, yes, begging, for the Do it Yourself Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Christmas. appropriate ages…Brason is 8 and he can read most of it. He still needs help over some words and the meanings. Brennen is 13 and still finds these pretty funny.

The Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan This series ties the gods of Greece to the present. Percy is the son of Poseidon and a mortal. He is a demi-god.  I was skeptical about letting the boys read this series. The whole demi-god thing made me a little uncomfortable, at first. After I read the first book, I changed my mind. Not because anything about the series changed, but the books are well written. I think it helps Greek mythology be a little more interesting to a younger group of kids. And after all it IS fiction. There are no inappropriate themes or language in the books that we have read (1-3) and it’s entertaining. This series is appropriate from about 4th grade and up. Brennen is 13 and he is still enjoying this series.

The 39 Clues Series by Rick Riordan. We learned about this series from a friend of a friend on Facebook. After reading the summary of what the book was about I knew Brennen would love it. History and adventure. Perfect! And he did. He has only read the first book and I plan to add to this series for Christmas. There is even an online game, you collect the cards in the books and try to figure out the clues. (I only learned about this today.) I did NOT read this book, yet. I’m doing good lately to read what the kids are reading for school and book reports.

The Inheritance Series Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr This series was written by Christopher Paolini. He was only 15 when he wrote the first draft of Eragon. And he was a homeschooler, which my kids thought was fascinating. There was also a movie Eragon, which was okay, but we loved the books more. These books are pretty thick, Eragon is 754 pages (paperback). Brennen read the first book in 5th grade. Eragon is about a boy who finds a dragon egg. The storyline is pretty complicated, if you ask me. But Brennen highly recommends it. And he is eagerly awaiting the 4th book.

Baseball Card Series by Dan Gutman This is a series about a boy named Joe Stoshack. Joe can travel through time by using baseball cards. He changes history each time he goes back to visit a baseball player, one made famous for some reason or another. They’re cute books. Remember my Benjamin? These books are a favorite of his! Mr. Gutman has a bunch of different books out. We haven’t read any of those, yet. Benjamin has added them to his library list for this afternoon. Some of the titles are hilarious! I’ll let you know what we think.

So anyway, these are just a few of the books that the boys enjoy. We read a lot so we’ve read the Narnia series, Where the Red Fern Grows, Charolotte’s Webb, The Little House series, and more. But I thought I would tell you about some of the newer ones we have read! Hope you enjoy! Oh and I think girls would enjoy some of these books too. Particularly the series by Rick Riordan. The others, well it depends on the girl! 😉




  1. With the exception of the Baseball Card Series, these all appealed to my daughters. The only reason the Baseball Card Series is an “exception” is that we’ve not read them and since we’re not baseball fans, the likelihood of them selecting such books is unlikely. The title alone will probably prevent them from seeing the books sitting on the shelf!

    Don’t forget The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy!

  2. ammiejo said,

    Now that I think about it, I should have said, Books my boys love! lol I had forgotten The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy! I know Brennen would enjoy them! Thank you!

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