November 6, 2009

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

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Our town began a recycling program about 10 years ago. They distributed bright red or green plastic containers to place your recyclables in. The mailed a list of things that could be recycled and a way to sort these things. I thought it was a wonderful way to be responsible about the waste we contribute. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pushing Al Gore’s philosophy here. But I think it’s an excellent example of good stewardship. God has given us this beautiful planet, I think we should be doing our best to take care of it.

So that brings me to a conversation I had with my brother last weekend. I was at my mom’s picking up the kids. They had spent the night for date night the previous evening. (My brother has been in some trouble. I love him, I know God loves him, I just keep waiting (and praying) for him to become an adult.) He has been doing community service to pay for some fines, at the Recycling center here in Batesville. He was describing the way it works when they bring in recyclables. They have a conveyor belt and they dump and sort through the recyclables brought in. He told me all of the things they recycle and the things they don’t. The bad thing? Most of the things that were on the list of recyclable items are things that they are throwing into the dump. Which means I have spent the last 10 years or so of my time sorting and recycling things that aren’t being recycled, if you follow me.

Now I’m curious about all kinds of things…Are they receiving grants for saying they are recycling things that they aren’t recycling? Are other people in our community aware of this? I’m wondering if a letter or phone call to the editor of our newspaper would do any good?

I promise a more positive post soon! 🙂



  1. Wow. Unbelievable! I think I’d be calling someone, too. Or maybe arranging a field trip to the recycling center….

    I think Gore is a moron and the “global warming” is a crock, BUT like you said, we need to be good stewards of this earth and rather than just waste, we should recycle when we can. If we turn in recyclables we should be able to trust they’re being recycled!

  2. ammiejo said,

    I really like the idea of a field trip. I think I’ll call today. And yeah Gore is a moron! I couldn’t have said it better or more eloquently, “global warming, is a crock” !

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