November 3, 2009


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I am spending a lot of time playing around with my blog. Still figuring it out a little at a time. It seems like it should be so simple and yet… I think I would have more luck if I let the boys set it all up for me! So bear with me!

We had a wonderful time Halloween night. In spite of a short nap, Amiah was eager and very cooperative. Full of energy, she just couldn’t wait to get out there. Brason was almost as eager as she was. I think he was the first one dressed and ready to go. Ben and Brennen were much more subdued. I think this will be their last year, to trick or treat anyway. That’s okay. Brennen was so helpful with Amiah. He helped her get up to the doors and waited for her at each house. I love his sweet heart.

Amiah was so eager, at one of the first houses, she decided the lady wasn’t opening the door fast enough. I was so embarrassed. Amiah tried to help the lady get the door open. I’m glad the lady was sweet about it. We only did a few houses. That was more than enough. First we trick or treated downtown Main Street. Stacy works on Main Street, so it’s a good place for us to meet and start the evening. We left there and headed to McDonald’s to pick up some very healthy dinner. After we trick or treated a few houses, we went to our church. It was good to see everyone. They had a wonderful turn out! I hope some of the people who visited for the trunk or treat will return for services.

We also went to the churches of a few friends. After that we were done. We had to take Stacy back to get the car and then we headed home. Amiah tried to fall asleep, but Brennen kept her entertained long enough for us to get home. I knew if she fell asleep in the car for that short ride we would be up all night.

At home, they ate a few pieces of candy while we watched the Yankee’s game. There was no arguing about going to bed! Amiah fell asleep not long after we got home and slept all night. With the time change she slept 12 hours and Sunday she took a 3  hour nap. I guess all that running around took it out of her!

So that was our evening. Hope everyone else had a good weekend! I know we did!


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