October 28, 2009

Wild Wednesday Wanderings

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:25 pm by ammiejo

Wednesdays are  busy days for us. We have school, lunch, a bit more school and then we are all off to town. Wednesdays are the days “B” has guitar practice. Because we are already in town, we make a library run, get allergy shots (also for “B”), and usually run by Wal-Mart or Kroger for a grocery run. “B’s” guitar practices are 30 minutes. It’s too long to hang out in the van and not long enough to do more than run a short errand or two.

Today we took that time and went to the park. My intention was to get some new pictures of the curtain climbers that I had with me. We ran into a friend of my dad’s who was there with her grandson. Her daughter also home schools. It was so nice to see and visit with her. I was shocked to find out that she lost her husband this summer. We do not get the newspaper and I hadn’t heard about his passing. I felt horrible. She didn’t have any of our phone numbers to get in touch with any us.

I am so glad we took that trip to the park today! It was good to watch the kids run and play! It’s so wet and muddy here! Our yard doesn’t look bad, but try to walk in it and it’s a giant mud pit! I caught the weather earlier and it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow and Friday! Yuckety yuck! We did enjoy the sunshine while we were out today though!

We are obsessed with the World Series and all things Yankees! Don’t throw peanuts at me! The boys love the Yankees! I’m not sure why. We aren’t from the North! We don’t have any ties to family who live in New York. When Ben first showed an interest in baseball we encouraged him. We read books about the history of baseball, he read books about the history and he latched onto greats like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Lou Gherig. So who am I to cause a divided house? LOL I will admit to cheering for the Red Sox on occasion, just to tease him. And really we like the Sox. But we’ve been told you can’t love the Yankee’s and like the Sox. It is what it is. We love a good ball game! And we are in for several over the next couple of weeks! So I’m off to watch the game with the boys! Go Yankees! I still think Phillies pitcher Brad Lidge is a cutie! 😉



  1. Alycia said,

    Dude…you have a blog???? YAY!!! Cant wait to read up!

    • ammiejo said,

      Just starting! Trying to figure it all out!

  2. jacqueline said,

    so happy that you enjoyed yourself at the park…and it is truly okay to be obsessed with the Yankees.

  3. How sad that you found out about that man’s death so late, but it is good that you met with her. Prayers for her and her whole family.

    Baseball bumped a Packers game… which may actually work in our favor! We might get to see the game this week, though I’m NOT holding my breath!

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