October 27, 2009

Asking Why?

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:56 pm by ammiejo

It’s the question that parents have a love/hate  relationship with. I know I certainly do. I love to see the kids seeking the answer to questions. That desire to obtain knowledge about what interests them most. I’m not so happy when they are questioning the rules. Our oldest loves to ask questions. This is the child who used to carry around encyclopedia’s to read, for fun. He has in insatiable thirst for knowledge. He can read for hours about almost anything. He is our “B”. (How he got that nickname is a post for another day) He does drive me a little crazy with what I don’t he does know.

“B” loves to ask me questions…for instance “Mom, does the trapdoor spider really use a trapdoor to catch it’s prey?”  I don’t know the answer to that question and I have to admit I don’t know. If I try to fake it, that’s the time he really does know the answer and I’m caught. So I’ve learned with him it’s best to just say. “B” I don’t know why. And if he knows he tells me, and I say “Well if you already knew, why did you ask me?” And if he doesn’t then we try to find the answer.

Miah is almost 4 and at the prime of the “Why” stage. Why are we going there? Why do we have to wear shoes? Why do I need to be quiet? Why isn’t it time? Why do ladybugs have spots? Why can’t I sleep in the boys room? Some days I ask her “Miah…Why do you need to know why?” Of course I’m met with that mymomisanut look.

Recently I had to answer their “Why?” question with an I don’t know. A little girl they had been praying for, for a very long time, got very sick and died. It happened so very quickly. They didn’t know this little girl personally, but a friend had asked me to pray and so I shared that prayer request with my prayer warriors. (And they really are. They don’t forget to pray for someone when asked. Sometimes they pray for that person long after the prayer has been answered. It encourages me.) I know the “adult” answers for this question. I know that God is so good, I know that He has a plan, I know that there is a time, I know, I know, I know. But it doesn’t stop the aching “why” in their hearts. So I just remind them of all that they know to be true. God loves them and He cares for them. He has a reason for all things, a wisdom in all things that sometimes we can’t see or understand. It doesn’t change who He is.

As a mom, I ache for this little girl’s mom. This was not her first loss. And I can not imagine how she must feel. So, now our prayer is for her heart. For all the “why’s” she won’t hear.


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