October 22, 2009

Murmurings and Disputings

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Philippians 2:14-15 14 Do all things without murmurings and disputings: 15 That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;

When I pray, often I will ask God, “Just give me some red flags, a brick wall, or neon flashing sign. Any or all of the above would be a great help!” And then when He does, I look behind me or all around me for the person whom those “signs” are for. Only to realize, Yes, He is talking to me! Well, duh! (Don’t tell my children I said that.) And then there are days when He sends all these things and I didn’t even ask Him. (Personally I think God has a terrific sense of humor.) I read the first verse in a devotion this morning (my brick wall).  When I went to look it up the second verse spoke to me, too (neon lights, anyone?). All of this after a post from a friend about service. (the initial flashing red light.)

My attitude, my heart, my soul has not been in a good place lately. I have been short with my husband and children, certainly not serving them without “murmurings and disputings”. My heart has certainly not been blameless or harmless as I go about my day frustrated with the smallest of things. And my light has not been shining as it should. I’m disappointed in myself. I know better and I let myself get distracted with the day to day routine. I’m so busy accomplishing what is on my list, I get carried away and forget to serve. Serve God, serve my family, serve my friends. It happens so slowly. Depending on the situation, I had an excuse. I blamed not serving on everything.

I feel the need to clarify. My first area of service for God is my family. That is my first mission field. All other things come second. I’m not talking about being so busy outside of my family that I don’t have time to serve. I simply wasn’t serving anyone but myself. And if I had to do something for someone else, there was plenty of murmuring. Maybe under my breath or just in my heart, but the Lord heard it. My family knew it by my attitude. Even my children recognized it. As a result, they didn’t want to do what was required or what was asked of them, either. Whining and complaining ensued. Fusses and fighting because we didn’t have servants hearts and our attitudes just plain stunk.

The repercussions of this are long lasting, such is the nature of sin. Unfortunately my attitude isn’t the only one who needs adjusting, now. When one of us stop serving or has a sour attitude, we are all affected. It’s a domino effect. And not a fun one.

It seems everyone wants me at the same time, that’s overwhelming sometimes. But no excuse. Never enough time in the day to take care of house and home, plus do the things I want to do. What about the things I have planned, Lord? I was going to clean out the boys room today and catch up on the laundry. Those are murmurings and disputings. If I’m honest with you and myself, I have to acknowledge that most days I accomplish what I truly want. The things that really need to be done are taken care of. There are the days of sick kids or days we are just really busy. But generally if I’m not getting things done, it’s because I’m not doing.

So we begin again. Serving, showing tenderness of heart for each other, purposefully. Without complaining. Daughters and sons of God trying to live in a way so that God can shine through us. Even at home. Especially at home.


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  1. That was awesome to read.

    And here’s a big AMEN!

    and a ME TOO!

    love you!

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