October 30, 2008

Another day in the life of us.

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It’s been a typical week for us. Things are quieting down here for a bit. Before the holidays anyway.

The kids are gearing up for Halloween tomorrow night and I am fighting my guilt or fighting whether or not I should feel guilty about letting them participate. On one hand it’s all fun for them. All of the bad stuff has never come into play for us. We don’t let them dress up as “bad” or “evil” characters. It’s just fun. So why do I feel guilty or why do I think I should feel guilty? A few people we know have said, “we don’t participate” in that voice that makes me feel completely inferior AND about the worst mother in the world. *sigh* I know they have their reasons. Legitimate reasons. I guess the guilt comes from the fear that someone else is parenting better than I am. Am I doing it wrong? (this is rhetorical and not really a question you have to answer.  🙄 ) Am I scarring them for life by letting them dress up, go out and have fun, knock on doors and say Trick or Treat? I don’t think so. If you ask them about Halloween and what it has been for them…it’s fun time as a family, dressing up, meeting dad in town, eating dinner at the hot dog vendor (he’s retired now, but they remember), visiting family and friends, racing to be the one who gets to knock or ring the door bell. It’s all good memories for them.

I’m not sticking my head in the sand. I know 1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. But verse 21 says to “hold fast that which is good.” Those are good memories for my kids. I know the origins of Halloween, but I think that it has moved past that. Am I trying to sugar coat it, so I can justify our participation? I don’t know, maybe. But is it okay to look at it as just a holiday you can have fun and make memories? For us, the answer is yes.

So I have been horrible about taking pictures the past month or so. I’m lucky to remember to get out of the house with my keys. (As is evidence when two weeks ago I locked my keys in the house.) Much less with the camera. I should take some pictures of us doing school and just being here. But the camera stays in its case, while I help with Math and try to keep the princess from taking the house apart!

I am going to post more. At least try to. I’ll probably have more time as it gets colder and we spend less time outside. Of course that means more time inside and more time for messes to be made.
It will help if I remember I can just stop in for a quick thought or two. I don’t have to write a book. But my lack of adult conversation leads me to be quite chatty when given the chance!

My mil bought some really nice towels. They are dark navy blue, with fish on the trim. She thought the boys would like them. They do, or they will. I had to wash them first. Brason attempted to use one the first day she brought them and it left blue streaks on his body!  :hilarious:  So today, finally caught up with the laundry, I washed them and threw them in the dryer. I knew since they were new towels there would be a lot of lint. That is an understatement. They have been in the dryer for 40 minutes and I’ve cleaned out the lint trap twice. It was full. Pretty, soft, fluffy, and blue. Maybe I should wash them and dry them again? Although, I have a feeling it won’t help that much.

Miah is something else. She is getting so tall. Well it seems like it to me! And she really is a mess. She told Stacy she had to potty the other night. She tells us to get out when she has to poop. When he checked on her a few minutes later, she was on TOP of the counter, helping herself to the one bottle of fingernail polish, I haven’t hidden. And it wasn’t even in plain sight. It was in one of my makeup drawers, in the very back with some hair barrettes. Last night, she found the salt shaker within her reach and managed to sneak past me so she could salt everything she in the boys room. And then when she’s sweet. She is so sweet. She will cuddle up on your lap and tell you she loves you toooooo much or sooooo much.

Brason is doing really well at school. He has his moments, but we are learning frequent breaks are important. His reading is great! He loves math and is really good at it. But he is so strong willed. Even when he is trying his very best to behave, it’s like his body has a mind completely of its own. The more he can move, the better off we all are. I’m trying to remember that during school time. He is so eager to please, but it’s on his terms. lol

Benjamin is my Mr. Helpful. He is so good about helping me with Miah. He’s actually willing to help me anytime I ask. I try not to take advantage of it. Although sometimes I admit I forget and ask him more than the other boys. He is so sad that baseball is over. He was glad that the Phillies won over the Rays. (Uncle Kerry, How bout them Phillies? *wink*) Even if he prefers the Yankees over them all. Matter of fact he’s going to go as A. Rod for Halloween. He could have worse role models, I suppose.

Brennen. I see everyday the way he is maturing. He is such a serious and thoughtful boy. He does become daydreamy at times and I have to reel him back in. He reminds me a lot of me when I was that age. I had so much going on in my mind, even if I didn’t say much. If you ask him, what he is thinking about he will talk for hours. He has so many facts stored up in there. He continues to love to read and play video games. He and a friend are coming up with a game concept. It’s fun for them! They have the most amazing imaginations! I would never have thought of some of the stuff!

I sit and stare at them and wonder, what God has in His plans for them. I know He has great and wonderful things in store for them. I know there will be challenges for each of them. But as much as I love them, I know God loves them so much more than I do. That is hard to imagine, but it is true. So the plans He has for them are better than any I could dream up!

Have a good Thursday, all!


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  1. Welcome to blogging! I’m so excited that you’ve started this!!!!!

    You know, about the halloween thing… don’t let those other people’s comments get to you. Sure, they have to be obedient to what they believe God is asking of them (right or wrong, if they believe it, they’ve got to obey) and it says nothing about you.

    We questioned the whole thing many years ago and when we couldn’t figure out if we “should” or “shouldn’t” we opted not to do it until we could figure it out. After several years, we realized that it wasn’t a big deal. Halloween, the trick or treating, the costumes (obviously nothing evil) the fun of going around and sharing the exciting time with neighbors and friends was not an abomination. Yes, we had to ensure that we did not go for the gore or evil type costumes or decorations, but it was simply a fun, now-secular celebration of childhood.

    It helped a lot for us to remember the true origins of halloween. It was “All Hallows Eve” the evening before All Saints, (i.e. holy, hallowed) a major celebration of those who have run the race and gone before us and now enjoy the Beatific Vision. A day to honor, remember and celebrate such great Christian lives, no matter how the bad guy wanted to twist it, is a good thing. We focus on that. And have loads of fun doing it!

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