October 9, 2008

Hello world!

Posted in life tagged , , at 9:35 pm by ammiejo

I’ve been considering starting a blog for awhile now. It seems I have lots to say, but not nearly enough time to say it all in. Not to mention trying to keep all of my thoughts and plans in order. What better place to do that than here?  Really this will be a mish mash of what the kids are doing, what we are doing as a family, plans, ideas, my thoughts on various things and just whatever else I need to talk about. Mostly it will be about us. What we as a family are doing. How we are growing and changing. Maybe even what we are having for dinner. 🙂

But first here is a brief introduction. I’m Ammie, the mom. There is Stacy, my husband and dad. We have 4 kids, 3 boys and a daughter,  together and Stacy has a daughter from a previous marriage. BC is 12, BN is 10, BW is 7, and princess is 2. My stepdaughter is 16, she is AS.

We are a homeschooling family in our 5th year. Everyday is a learning experience in more than one way. The kids of course are learning, but so am I!! I can’t begin to list the things that I have learned. Academically a little, but mostly about my kids and about myself. I will confess to always wondering if we have chosen the right path for us as a family. But there are moments when the kids will do or say something that makes it all clear that this is the plan that God has for our lives. So we’ll just use His word to light our path and lead our way.

I look forward to sharing our life with you. Pictures to follow. As soon as I figure all of this out.


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